Spirit of the Woodland

Connecting the wild you

Your Woodland Guides

Ally Gerrish

Ally is a Sacred Drumming teacher, and has been a therapist for nine years delivering sessions of; Sacred Drumming, Sound Healing, Assemblage Point Realignment, Soul Retrieval and Usui Shiri Ryoho (Usui Reiki). Originally from Arts and Teaching background, Ally has worked as a Hospice Complimentary Therapist delivering deeply relaxing therapeutic techniques; Guided Visualisation, Mindfulness, Hand and Foot Massage and Butterfly Reiki. 

Ally’s Website:


Eva Greenslade

Eva is a Sacred Drum Practitioner, Eva also works as a Birth and Postnatal Doula, and Celebrant for rites of passage.

Eva has a keen passion in helping people reconnect with their inner self, and spirituality through self empowerment and connection through nature.

Eva feels all of her work is not a job but a passion, her life path.

Eva’s Website: www.sacredmotherhodjourneys.com

Jean Hammond

Jeanie is a qualified Sacred Drumming Practitioner teacher and Associated Natural Forest Therapy guide. Jeanie became so to grow a practise that spoke to her body in nature in a deeply profound way .
As an intuitive and inspirational teacher, Jeanie is excited to share the fusion of her vast and hybrid knowledge and experience as a Community Nurse , Drama therapist, lifestyle coach, Storyteller and workshop facilitator . Jeanie’s Sacred Drumming and Mask-Making workshops open avenues into enchantment, providing opportunities to rediscover the sense of mystery and magic so often missing in our busy lives.

As I drum, inhaling the intoxicating fragrance that the bees, birds and flowers create, my love is with you all from the sanctuary of my garden”.

Jeanie’s Website: https://sacredguide.co.uk/

Rosemary Saunders

Rosie is a Mum of two, Crystal healing Practitioner, Sacred Drumming and Singing Bowl practitioner, Meditation Facilitator,
Aromatherapist, and Relax Kids Coach.

Rosies Website will be added soon.

Contact: Ally, Jeanie and Eva via Email: spiritofthewoodland@hotmail.com

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